Sphynx shave system

The Sphynx wetware range, made by iHead, includes preparations and treatments to be used from the professional bald stylist as well as retailed towards the customer for the continuing revenue stream. The preparations and treatments are unique to Sphynx and blended by David Lam.,

head shaving

The Sphynx bald styling Waterless Cleansing Bubbles can be a breaking group of natural merchandise that will deep cleanse, soap-free and gorgeously, when preparing for shaving. Sphynx bald styling Shaving Oil and bald styling Shave Serum contain only natural ingredients to accomplish razor shave finishes never before experienced. For completeness, the Sphynx bald styling Spa Tonic and bald styling Cream Cologne are prepared for people to treat themselves and loved ones.

Sphynx hardware starts off with a variety of shaving tools, including gift tools with exquisitely crafted olivewood and marbled pearl handles, all suitable for accessible disposable blade systems.

Sphynx hardware includes a vital product for professional bald stylists, the patent-granted Sphynx Appliance.

head shaving

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